ActivStudio is relaunched as ActivInspire

Promethean have launched a leaner meaner looking ActivStudio called Inspire.

Download it from – you have to be registered to get the download.

It looks great – a welcome makeover and some new features you can read about here!

Quick screencast preview made with Jing (techsmith)…

Best use this link as the video hasn’t resized properly – ooooops….

screencast of Inspire

A new screencast demonstrating the upgraded Handwriting Recognition Tool – I am loving this bit because it is so much better than before.


2 thoughts on “ActivStudio is relaunched as ActivInspire

  1. Thanks for the overview Dai.
    The toolbox looks nicer (like mac icons) and I like the tabs for different flipcharts.
    I think it makes sense to combine the ActivStudio into one product rather than two.
    I hope it’s not too difficult to get the hang of.

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