Reading & Moodle

Having read @mwesch blogpost in his digital ethnography blog I started to wonder if I could adapt the idea in moodle. Initial thoughts are below in a response to his post. Original post:

How to get students to find and read 94 articles before the next class

My response:

This is a great idea because it is for higher end learning. In 6th Form in UK (I think G12/13 in USA) I need tools that very established and successful academic teachers can use (Medieval History for example) who have been using a didactic style for 30/40 years.

I think I could create something similar to this via moodle with students using their blogs (not a great moodle tool as there is no comment facility) with a specific tag for the project they’re working on and then other tags may be included in the work as they see fit. Searching the blogs via the tag will collate all student entries into one list effectively creating the database similar to the zoho database generated in this blogpost.

This might be a difficult model to kick off in ICT as the subject doesn’t require much reading. The best approach maybe to pick a well talked about ICT article/topic and get students to research it via computer journals, newspapers, TV articles and blogs.


2 thoughts on “Reading & Moodle

  1. This is cool; I like this 🙂 I was just wondering if the Moodle database activity module might not do the same trick too? I rarely use the database module but have seen it used for say, book reviews or collaborative information gathering so what do you reckon?

  2. I think you’re right Mary but only so many hours in the day mean I haven’t got to grips (or tried to) with database feature yet. I think it might provide a great solution by combining complex engine to simple front end. Will investigate. I had it in mind when writing this post originally.

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